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Meet Arthur

I was born and grew up in Texas. I spent most of my life in the Houston area before going to college at Baylor University in Waco. I worked in Waco as a programmer for a few years before moving to the San Antonio area in 2005 where I still work in the same field. 

I joined the Libertarian Party in 2005 officially and have run for office a few times. Over the years I have seen the reality of politics more and more. It isn't what the talking heads like to yell about at each other on TV. The "big issues" are often more noise that focus as so much government silently changes how we work, live, and deal with one another every day. This is why I care and continue to be involved.

My main focus is election code and wanting to have a system that maximizes voter expression and minimizes government control over voters. We need a more open, communicative, and transparent system that can work for citizen in more than name only. 

I would love all people to be libertarians and join the Libertarian Party, but I realize we have work to do and not everyone is with us yet. I believe I can still be a voice for people that want to help improve our government by making it more open in what it does. I believe this makes things better for all of us and not just the political elite and those that have access to them. All of us may not currently feel represented by those in office now, but no one should feel left out and ignored by a far away political process that is completely detached from the realities of our busy lives.  

Final Note: We all have family and friends of some arrangement or another. So many politicians have listed their partners and children and talked about their home life. Some of those same ones that want to paint a picture for people using their families as a backdrop have also passed horrible laws, failed at the moral values the arrogantly stood upon, or just shown that the picture they painted for voters was a facade. I don't want to bring out my family or friends to pain a picture for anyone. I am running because I believe in something. I ask you to judge me on my ideas first. If anyone has more questions I will do my best answer them. Feel free to contact me. 

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