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I pretty closely follow LP Platform positions. It is never fully possible to list all issues in detail or how I would react to bills that others file. In general I favor approaching one issue at a time however and will lean against bills burdened with cruft to buy local votes.

I am proud of being a part of the Libertarian Party and what is stands for. I am very happy to present our platforms as I believe they represent a sincere and more honest approach to government. Government is not a weapon for us to use against one another. It is a tool to make sure we do not harm one another. I believe these platforms represent that idea well.

LPTexas Platform

LPNation Platform

Statement of Principles

LP Statement of Prinicples

Voting (State Issue)

Our Voting and ballot access laws are archaic. I want to bring attention to this important issue that doesn't just make decisions before you get to but controls your very vote and choices.

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Taking property without being accused of a crime and merely being "suspect" is a blow to the heart of freedom.


This is the big one that touches everything. Everyone has something they want money for right? It is time we started actually being responsible here.

Endless War

Its time to respect the troops by bringing them home. No more cowboy politics.

Drug war

End the Drug War now.

Gun Rights

A heated topic for sure. There is room to discuss solutions and concerns, but I defend the 2nd amendment fully. 


A big topic that touches lots of issues. I believe in a welcoming immigration process and a sane system of rules that matches the realities of what is happening. I don't believe in placating some voters by sacrificing the rights of others.


Open free trade is our best option. 

Justice System

We need a sensible restorative justice system. Not one that focuses on ruining lives and feeding the prison industry.


One-size-fits-all education, as mandated by the Department of Education, is holding America’s children back.


IRS is a massive and constant threat to our time and freedoms.

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