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Libertarians don't get the PACs, bundlers, party machine, special interests, and $10k dinners like the old parties do. We really have to campaign in real grassroots ways. Given that, I would prefer you make contributions to the local LPBexar Donation page. I am pooling resources through the party there to try and do some party advertising. Any donation you can make will help with our efforts.

I have been asked about taking money from special interest groups and I wanted to comment on that. Many do not know when they see "XYZ Corp" has donated a certain amount it really means individuals have donated that much from that company. That is why you see such companies donating in large amount for both old parties. Party machines have really written all the rules on how the system works. The $2,700 donation limit really only hurts 3rd parties like me. They can pool donors and have the donor flows already to fund their machines. If I found a big donor that wanted to donate $50,000 to me to help me try to get some media attention I couldn't do that. Their game, their rules unfortunately. So, no, I encourage donations but no one is going to buy me off with $2,700. I plan to go back to working full time as a programmer when I am done and not a sweetheart job as a "consultant" in politics.

Thank you!

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