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About Arthur

I have been working as a programmer since I graduated college in 2001. I went to Baylor University and got a BA in Computer Science. I have lived in Live Oak (San Antonio area) for 2 years and in the San Antonio area since 2005. I grew up in the Houston area. 

I have seen many politicians go on and on about their families and lives, but all of them do this. And some of those same people have done bad things in government. It would be nice to think that picturesque family means a good natured politician but that isn't reality. 

I am open to answering questions about myself if you care about that. You can email me at I may or may not answer depending on the question. What I care about is principles. I will make those as clear as possible even if that means it isn't what you want to hear. I believe there are right and wrong ways to do things. I probably have some of the same concerns you do about many issues in government. Just keep in mind that even if we disagree on how to do something doesn't mean we disagree that there is a problem. Isn't that the idea we here so often in our idealized model of government? Compromise? Working together to solve problems? We need to make room for the reality of such an idea again. Sometimes compromise means we take on a burden as a society. It means we don't confuse our responsibilities as a society with what government is. I welcome you to that conversation. A place where it really is ok to agree to disagree again.

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